It’s Black Friday time!

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The biggest shopping sale event of the year is almost here! And boy are we EXCITED.

While originally an American tradition, Black Friday has made its way to our shores the last few years and firmly solidified its place in our hearts as one of the largest sale events in the Australian retail calendar. And this year is hardly an exception! As 2020 has been a hard time for many of us, we’d like to give back this Black Friday and give our Fether Fam an amazing deal across our whole range of natural skincare products.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on your skincare faves, try something new or grab some stocking fillers for your loved ones just in time for Christmas! Fill in that gap you’ve been missing in your daily routine, or share the incredible power of natural, vegan skincare to friends and family.

As the weather continues to warm into summer days and nights, you also want to make sure you have your best skincare routine in check. Get on top of keeping your oils under control and keep dehydration at bay! Cleanse daily with our Gentle Gel Cleanser to wash away all the sweat and sunscreen from the day. Follow it up with our Exfoliating Oat Mask twice a week to help sweep away dead skin, promote cell renewal to keep your skin looking bright and youthful. And if we’re talking Summer Staples, you simply can’t go past our Hydrating Toner. Lightweight and delivered in a fine mist, it’ll keep your skin plump and refreshed while giving you that summery, dewy glow.

Make the most of our Black Friday Sale this year and grab that skincare you’ve been eyeing!


Stay tuned for the best of Black Friday at Fether Beauty… it’ll be one you really don’t want to miss!

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